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2023 Fall Newsletter:

  •  The Green Ribbon of Life
  • Crystal River Project at Riverfront Park Nears Completion
  • Return to the River, Thank You
  • Riparian Ecosystems are Critical
  • RFC Honored with a 2023 Award for Excellence in Environmental Education
  • Ways to Support RFC
  • Brooksher Watershed Institute, Upcoming Schedule
  • Shout Out to Outstanding Volunteers


2023 Summer Newsletter:

  • Welcome to the Brooksher Watershed Institute
  • Making Science Exciting: A Way of Thinking and Doing Things
  • Supporter Spotlight: Pamela & Craig Mackey
  • Staff Flows
  • 2023 Robert Billingsley River Conservator Award Winner: Andy Mueller
  • Introducing the User Guide to the Lower Roaring Fork River
  • RFC's Water Quality Team Always Delivers!
  • Learning Into the Expertise of Brooksher Watershed Institute Speakers
  • Field Drawing Workshop and Art Exhibition
  • Diving in Deeper
  • Save the Dates for Return to the River Dinner Series


2022 Winter Newsletter:

  • Healthy Rivers? Let's Check...
  • Collaborating to Protect Healthy Streams
  • What Are Outstanding Waters?
  • Ways to Support RFC
  • Floating Into the Watershed Pen Pal Program
  • Winter 2023 Brooksher Watershed Instiute Speakers Schedule
  • Thank You Return to the River Sponsors
  • Roaring Fork Watershed Final Report Card for Water Year 2022
  • Thank you Hot Spots for Trout volunteers!
  • Staff Flows
  • Become a Monthly Baseflows Member
  • Colorado Gives is December 6!


2022 Summer Newsletter:

  • Betting on the Watershed
  • Crystal River Restoration Project at Riverfront Park
  • 2022 Robert Billingsley River Conservator Award Goes to Jean Moore
  • Roaring Fork Watershed: Water Year Midterm Report Card
  • Identifying, Adapting and Responding to Drought
  • Tips for Water Conservation
  • Pen Pals in the Digital Age? YES!
  • Save the Dates for Return to the River Dinner Series
  • Staff & River Steward Updates
  • Become a monthly BASEFLOWS Member!


2021 Fall Newsletter:

  • Celebrating 25 years of Bringing People Together to Protect our Rivers!
  • My RFC Story, Come Full Circle
  • GUEST ARTICLE: A Life Along the Water by Michael Schuster, City of Glenwood Springs Wastewater Treatment Operator
  • Celebrate our 25th birthday with us!
  • RFC's Historic Milestones
  • Become an Ecologist for a Day
  • More Ways to Support RFC
  • In the last 25 years, we have...
  • GUEST ARTICLE: A River Artist's Journal by John B. Newbury
  • Brooksher Watershed Institute Fall 2021/Winter 2022 Schedule
  • Return to the River Dinner Series recap
  • 16th annual Roaring Fork Watershed Photo Contest
  • Thank You, Hot Spots for Trout Volunteers
  • Staff & Board Flows
  • Save the Date: Colorado Gives, December 7, 2021
  • Become a monthly BASEFLOWS Member!


2021 Spring Newsletter:

  • Back-to-back With Our Backs Against the Wall
  • GUEST ARTICLE: A Brief Introduction to Water Allocation in the Colorado River Basin by Andy Mueller, General Manager at Colorado River District
  • New Online Tools Focus on Local Impacts of Fryingpan Management
  • What to do when every drop counts
  • A Community Rallies Around Fire Restoration
  • The Duality of Watershed Education: Low Snow, Adaptation, and Rejuvenation
  • GUEST ARTICLE: 2020 Drought Conditions Anticipated to Impact Snowmelt Runoff By Karl Wetlaufer, Hydrologist/Assistant Supervisor, USDA-NRCS Colorado Snow Survey
  • NEW Ways to Support RFC this summer, including Return to the River Dinner Series
  • Flowing Gratitude
  • Become a monthly BASEFLOWS Member!

2020 Fall Newsletter:

  • Happy New WATER Year!
  • Science & Policy Projects Update
  • Living the Grizzly Creek Fire: Fear, Relief & A Call to Protect
  • Hot Spots for Trout
  • Fall 2020 & Winter 2021 Brooksher Watershed Institute Presenters
  • Riverscapes: A Journey Through Art
  • Celebrating 20 Years of Emma Open Space!
  • A Year Without River Rendezvous
  • What is an Augmented Reality Sand Table?
  • Board, Staff and Steward Flows
  • Save the Date: Colorado Gives, December 8, 2020
  • Become a monthly BASEFLOWS Member!


2020 Summer Newsletter:

  • Protecting the Essential
  • Crystal River Management Plan Implementation: Riverfront Park Update
  • Stream Health - A Community Approach
  • Students Assess River Health by Conducting Riparian Surveys
  • How well do you know the Roaring Fork Watershed?
  • Youth summer activities (Riverside Circle of Life, Match the Hatch, Word Search, Riparian Metaphors)
  • Harvesting Rainwater in Colorado
  • RFC Staff Working from Home Photos
  • Board, Staff and Steward Flows
  • Get Ready for Summer with RFC Gear!
  • Join us in 2021
  • Answer Key for pages 6-7



2019 Fall Newsletter

  • Reading the River
  • Understanding Watersheds
  • Below the Surface...Stream Health from a Different Perspective
  • The Three C's of Fish Habitat
  • The Brooksher Watershed Institute 2019 Fall and 2020 Winter Speaker Series Schedule
  • Making the Hydrograph Your Favorite Graph
  • Students Develop Sense of Place & Connecting by Reading Rivers and Watershed Maps
  • What's with the Gray Bird in the RFC logo?
  • Teach Your Children to Read the River with Dee Dee the Fryingpan River Dipper 
  • December 10: Colorado Gives Day!


2019 Spring Newsletter

  • The Winter We So Desperately Needed
  • Only Rain Down the Storm Drain - a reminder to Keep it Clean 'cause We're All Downstream
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Fire
  • Training Citizen Scientists
  • Teachers: Schedule an Education Program
  • Summer Watershed Explorations
  • River Rules for Fun & Safety!
  • 2019 Robert Billingsley River Conservator: Mr. Rick Neiley
    • July 10: The 20th Annual River Rendezvous
    • July 18: The Brooksher Watershed Institute Summer Speaker
      • Nicole Silk, River Network -50 Years of River Protection



2018 Fall Newsletter

  • An Unforgettable Summer
  • What happens after a wildfire? A Lake Christine Wildfire Update
  • A Collaborative Clean-up
  • Not Your Typical Science Class
  • NEW: Roaring Fork Watershed Map - get your personal copy!
  • Where the Water Meets the Land: Impacts of Drought on Agriculture
  • River Center Grand Opening Weekend - Photos!
  • Creative & Cooperative Water Management Benefits the Fryingpan River
  • Boulder Boat Works Raffle Winners!
  • Staff & Board Flows!
  • Citizen Scientists Keep a Pulse on A River Temperature!
  • Effects of Water Temperature
  • River Rendezvous Photos
  • December 4: Colorado Gives Day!


 2018 Spring Newsletter

  • River Centered: The Evolution of a Watershed Organization
  • 2018 Robert Billingsley River Conservators awarded to Woody Creek Distillers: Mary & Pat Scanlan and Mark Kleckner & Tracey Snow
  • Fireflies at Filoha Meadows
  • Save the Dates:
    • July 11: 19th Annual River Rendezvous
    • August 11: River Center Grand Opening


2017 Fall Newsletter

  • There's Gold In That River!
  • "It's a River, Not a Screaming Utensil!"
  • Checking the Pulse on the Riparian Zone
  • Moving the Crystal River Management Plan from Paper to Project
  • Intern Reflection: Stepping Into the Current
  • Highlights from River Rendezvous
  • Summer Reflections on My Home Watershed
  • Managing for the Environment in the Upper Roaring Fork River


2017 Spring RFC Newsletter

  • Year of the Dipper
  • River Protectors: Middle Schoolers Explore River-Related Careers
  • Dee Dee the Fryingpan River Dipper: RFC's First Children's Book
  • Saving Water in Aspen by Using Less on Landscaping
  • Peppy and Wally Dallenbach Honored as 2017 River Conservators
  • Save the Dates:
    • June 10, 13th Annual River Float
    • July 12, 18th Annual River Rendezvous
    • August 14, Golf Classic at Aspen Glen


2016 Fall RFC Newsletter, 20th Anniversary 2nd Edition:

  • Casting into the Future
  • Study Updates on: Crystal River Management Plan, Fryingpan River, Cattle Creek
  • The Significance of a Little Gray Bird: The American Dipper
  • Outside of Academia: Intern reflection
  • Conservation Easement Profile: Silver Lining Ranch, Aspen
  • Ways to Support RFC Over the Holidays: Amazon Smile, Colorado GIves Day: December 6, Gifting Your Birthday or Holiday to RFC
  • River Stewards Update
  • RFC Sponsors Roaring Fork Leadership Project: Think Outside the Banks
  • Adventures in Water Sampling - 2016 Roaring Fork Algal Survey
  • 20 Years of Partnerships! (Partner logo collage)
  • Glenwood Springs Tamarisk Removal Project 2016
  • Connecting Roaring Fork Valley Students to Their Future Water Supply
  • Thank you Backbone Media and Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers!
  • Reminiscing: 2016 River Rendezvous Photo Collage
  • River Center Update
  • SAVE THE DATE! You're invited to RFC's 20th Birthday Party!


2016 Summer RFC Newsletter, 20th Anniversary 1st Edition:

  • Crystal River Management Plan
  • Crystal River Valley Visitor Guide
  • River Stewards History
  • 20 Years of Bringing People Together Photo Collage


2015 Winter Newsletter:

  • Thinking Outside the Banks: The Importance of Riparian Vegetation
  • The Solution to Pollution: Use a Park to Clean the River
  • Fishing with the Future
  • Reconstructing a Stream
  • North Star Preserve Bank Restoration Project
  • Profile: Burry Ranch Conservation Easement
  • Highlight: Fourmile Stream Team 
  • Fishing with the Future
  • RFC Education Programs: "Teaching at its Best!"


2015 Spring/Summer RFC Newsletter:

  • The Value of Local Knowledge
  • Didymo Research: Uncovering the Mysteries of Rock Snot
  • Colorado River Watch Program - Did You Know?
  • Profile: Emma Open Space Conservation Easement
  • Watershed Action Study Updates
  • 2015 Robert Billingsley RIver Conservators: Joyce & Bill Gruenberg
  • Afterschool Exploring on Enrichment Wednesday
  • Thank you Fryingpan Cleanup Sponsors & Volunteers
  • Eco-Products Showcases RFC in Sustainability Report


2015 Fall/Winter RFC Newsletter

  • RFC Data Provides New Protections in the Thompson Divide
  • Didymo on the Fryingpan
  • Crystal River Management Plan
  • Roaring Fork Beer Company Launches 1% for the Fork Program  
  • Fly Fishing in the Classrooms
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Profiile: Blue Creek Ranch Conservation Easement


2014 Summer RFC Newsletter:

  • SPECIAL EDITION ON THE COLORADO WATER PLAN: Moving Forward With A Plan; Water Lays a Sturdy Foundation; Get Informed, Get Involved; Effect of Water Shortages and Colorado Water Plan on Agriculture in the Roaring Fork Valley; Considerations for the Colorado State Water Plan; Colorado Basin Roundtable Vision Statement
  • The Community's Voice Impacts the Future: Refined River Center Plans
  • Fryingpan River Cleanup photos
  • Conservation Easement Profile: Grange Loadout, Redstone
  • Crystal River Assessment and Coal Basin Update
  • Lower Fryingpan River Assessment Underway
  • 2014 Robert Billingsley River Conservator Award Recipient: Robert Woods
  • Christina Medved joins staff as Watershed Education Director


2014 Winter/Spring RFC Newsletter: 

  • Local Concerns spawn study of Fryingpan
  • Pondering Drakes...
  • Restoration work progresses on Crystal River & Coal Basin
  • 2012 Macroinvertebrate Study yields fairly healthy results
  • Keeping an eye on Fryingpan's "Rock Snot"
  • RFC helps Garfield County & other protect riparian zone
  • Profile: Park East Conservation Easement
  • Hot Spots for Trout citizens monitor river temperatures for 2nd year
  • Captain Cutthroat hooks the public on water conservation
  • Building partnerships for regional water conservation


2013 Summer RFC Newsletter:

  • Watershed Education Changes Our Relationship With Water
  • River Watch Educates and Motivates Citizen Scientists
  • The Vicious Cycle of Drought
  • Crystal River & Coal Basin Priorities for Action in 2013
  • 2013 Robert Billingsley River Conservator Award Recipient: Dorothea Farris
  • River Stewards Engage Young Adults
  • University of Michigan Students Assist with Water Conservation Planning

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