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September River Notes


The Green Ribbons of Life Along Our Rivers: The interconnectedness of land and water

Only 2% of the land in the west is riparian, though 85% of wildlife in Colorado need riparian habitat!   

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The area along the river, known as the riparian zone, is critical to wildlife and  water quality.  In fact, riparian areas provide:

  • Shade for Trout - trout have difficulty breathing, spawning and feeding in warm water
  • Flood Water Absorption - riparian soils absorb flood waters and release them slowly
  • Pollution Filtering - riparian plants trap sediment and filter pollutants
  • Bank Stabilization - riparian plants are two to three times more effective than rock and boulder banks at stabilizing rivers banks, especially during floods 
  • Water Savings - planting riparian species means little to no irrigation use, saving homeowners money and water 
  • Food & Cover for Birds - birds use riparian zones as migratory rest stops, breeding grounds, and feeding 
  • All the Things You Love About Rivers - scenery, wildlife, water quality, fish habitat, beauty! 

In fact, over 100 years of scientific research informs us that these green ribbons of life are just as much a part of the river as the water! 

Interested in learning more?


If you own riverfront property within the Roaring Fork Watershed, we are happy to offer you a FREE riparian assessment. Email Heather Lewin, Director of Science and Policy, for more information at


September Watershed Explorations

This month you'll get to learn the history behind the 18th largest reservoir in Colorado and enjoy Filoha Meadows one last time before its seasonal closure. Register early as space is limited!

Ruedi Reservoir Tour: Storing West Slope Water - Sept. 16 - FULL

Family Exploration at Filoha -  Sept. 23

Women's Only Fly Fishing Clinic - Sept. 26 - FULL

Beginner Adult (co-ed) Fly Fishing Clinic - Oct. 3 - FULL


Join the wait list for full programs!


Participant numbers are limited for each program. Registration is required.  Please visit for program details and registration.



Angling Adventures

After-school program for local youth

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This month, ten local youth are spending their afternoons with RFC's certified fly fishing instructors learning there is MUCH more to fly fishing then just catching fish, as we dive into:

  • gear
  • casting
  • knot tying
  • fish handling
  • fishing etiquette
  • aquatic insects/fish food
  • stream ecology, water temperature, dissolved oxygen
  • river conservation
  • healthy times and locations for fishing
  • and, of course, fishing!

Thank you to Basalt Recreation for collaborating with us on this very fun after-school program!



Education Program Catalog

In sunshine, snow, (light) rain, outdoors, online, next to, in or on a river, on a mountain; RFC's educators are experienced, equipt and ready to teach just about anywhere!

Recently, we put together an Education Program Catalog showing our education program offerings.  Whether a one-time program or multi-class series we are here to help connect your students to our watershed and rivers!

If you are interested in scheduling a program, contact Megan Dean, education director, at or (970) 927-1290.



Click here to view RFC's Education Program Catalog






Stop by The River Center!

If you find yourself going for a walk through Basalt, please stop by The River Center. While our building is closed here are two things you can do when you stop by:

  1. Get an audio tour of The River Center Article Imagevia our podcast! Learn about its history and architectural features making it an eco-friendly building.

  2. Look at our windows for a gallery of art projects inspired by our local rivers! These masterpieces were created by local teens during a virtual summer camp we hosted in partnership with Basalt Library. Stop by to see the gallery before September 21.





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REMINDER: Stay Connected to Our Rivers
Virtual Resources for families, teachers and adults

Learn about a water drop's journey to the river, catch up on a Brooksher Watershed Institute presentation you might have missed, tour the watershed from home, or listen as education director, Megan Dean, reads our children's book Dee Dee the Fryingpan River Dipper. These are just a few examples of the virtual resources we made available to teachers, parents, and our greater community.

                                Roaring Fork Watershed Interactive Tool

                                                                             Click on images to see more! 



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