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Weekly Snowpack and River Report

February 20, 2020

Snowpack in the Roaring Fork Watershed is currently 116% of normal for this time of year. February’s cold temperatures are keeping snow on the mountain and creating some interesting ice conditions in local rivers and streams.  Last Thursday, anchor ice expert Dr. Ed Kempema from the University of Wyoming, shed much light on the differences of ice creation and detachment in both still and flowing water. During this Brooksher Watershed Institute presentation, participants learned about how 1/100 of a degree can produce supercooling and how the sun’s radiation provides just enough heat to detach anchor ice.  Here’s something fun to try before winter is over - The next time overnight temperatures dip well below freezing, look for anchor ice attached to the bottom of the Roaring Fork River at first daylight. Not long after the sun ever so slightly heats up the water you will observe the river looking like a slushy - that “slushy” is detached anchor ice from upstream.

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This month's River Notes

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Another Successful Iron Fly Competition

Roaring Fork Valley Fly Fishing Club, Roaring Fork Conservancy and Roaring Fork Fishing Guide Alliance would like to extend a most sincere thank you to all the volunteers, sponsors, competitors, judges and spectators that made the 5th Annual Iron Fly Competition such a successful and fun event! 

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Regional water providers collaborate to protect drinking water supplies and need your help

The beautiful area we live, play and work in are headwaters to an abundance of rivers and streams; sources of someone’s drinking water supply.  We all have a responsibility to KEEP IT CLEAN because many people downstream depend on it! How do we educate residents and visitors about protecting these sensitive areas? Read more...

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