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In order to keep consistency with Roaring Fork Conservancy's brand messages, this web page was developed to provide guidelines for use of logos, colors, taglines, and branding components. Please refer to this page when creating new publications, documents or items which carry Roaring Fork Conservancy's logo and/or brand messages.



Organization: Roaring Fork Conservancy

Mission: To inspire people to explore, value, and protect the Roaring Fork Watershed.

Tagline: Bringing people together to protect our rivers.

Positioning Statement: Roaring Fork Conservancy is the watershed action and education organization in the Roaring Fork Valley that brings people together to protect our rivers.


We are focused on:

1) Water quantity — keeping water in our rivers,
2) Water quality — keeping our rivers healthy, and
3) Habitat preservation — keeping our riparian habitat intact.

Roaring Fork Conservancy Final Brand Synopsis (.pdf) 



1. Include Roaring Fork Conservancy's name and RFC logo as a major element on all printed or electronic materials. When appropriate us the organization's tagline and three key issues.

2. Do not modify the logo by changing colors, adding or subtracting items, changing fonts, etc.

3. Make sure the logo is clearly seen. Do not use the logo smaller than 1"x1". Place only on lighter backgrounds when using a file with a defined clipping path. Otherwise use the logo in the white box on dark backgrounds.We do have a file with our logo on a black background that works well for presentations and films.

4. When possible use the color logo. On publications that will only be printed in black or one-colored ink, use the black and white logo. If the logo appears as embroidery, use the simplified color logo.

5. Use the correct logo file type (see below). Not all files types are the same. Some files are used for printing, others for websites and email. More information on image file types.

6. Use the correct colors when printing materials: 
Pantone: PMS 293U   RGB: 0-103-177  
          CMYK: 100-57-0-2   Web: 0067B1 
    GREEN        Pantone: PMS 383U   RGB: 178-187-30 
        CMYK: 20-0-100-19   Web: B2BB1E 
        Pantone: PMS 404U   RGB: 136-126-110 
        CMYK: 0-8-22-56   Web: 887E6E

7. When referring to the organization use Roaring Fork Conservancy whenever possible. Do not use the Roaring Fork Conservancy. If repeatedly using Roaring Fork Conservancy, you may sparinging abbreviate it to RFC.

8. Use the following fonts when writing documents for RFC:
    a. Letters and official documents: Goudy 12-point 
    b. Excel spreadsheets: Arial 10-point 
    c. Headers within a document: Century Gothic 12-point or 14-point bold 
    d. Roaring Fork Conservancy and Tagline: ITC Legacy Serif Book    e. Use ITC Legacy Sans Std and ITC Legacy Serif Std whenever possible on publications as they match our logo. 

9. Templates for stationary, labels, business reply envelopes and other printed material upon which the logo is placed are located at: RFC\Brand\Printed Material Templates.qxp.

10. Use the following format for email signatures:
Email Signature Template 

11. When in doubt, get input from other staff on how the logo should be placed on a document or item. Please email RFC brand designer (and board member) with any questions regarding the use of Roaring Fork Conservancy logos, colors or fonts. Diane did the rebranding in 2006 that yielded this new look in early 2007.




 Full Color 

.ai (coated)
.ai (uncoated)
.jpg (no tagline)

 Simple Color


 One Color

.jpg (no tagline)
.eps (no tagline)
.tif (no tagline)


.jpg (no tagline)


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