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The Roaring Fork Watershed Collaborative
Water Committee's mission is: "To assist individuals, and local, state and federal agencies and organizations in the effective planning and management of land and water uses within the Roaring Fork Watershed."

Roaring Fork Watershed Collaborative


Watershed Collaborative Overview Roaring Fork Watershed Collaborative Water Group
Under the leadership of Roaring Fork Conservancy, Pitkin County, and USFS, an ongoing and very productive set of "Water Issues" has brought together key respondents, agencies, conservation groups and others in an ongoing dialog and assembly of related work efforts to look at water quality and water quantity issues in the region. This exciting linkage of related water studies and interested agencies continues to explore the complex arena of data base development, knowledge and information dissemination, and policy related studies that impact our communities and future. Collectively they have ensured that their efforts compliment each other, avoid duplication, allow individual efforts to test the applicability and utility of findings, and pool resources to become competitive for major continuing study funding.

Funding as part of the HB-1177 Roundtables: Water Supply Reserve Account Criteria & Guidelines

Watershed Collaborative Contact List

Watershed Collaborative Contact List - As of January 23, 2012

To modify or add your name to the contact list, please email 
Barb Andre barb.andre.cpa@gmail.com.

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