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Bring Inflatable H2O Jo & Flo to Your Event

H20 Jo & Flo Meet H20 Jo and Flo!
H20 Jo (water drop) and Flo (trout) are Colorado’s Water Quality Ambassadors and they have been working hard all over the state to create and promote action about water quality! Check out the H20 Jo Events Calendar to see when they'll be near you!

Did you know that factories and industry are NOT the #1 polluter in our valley? We are!
Most of our water pollution comes from everyday activities we do: fertilizing our yards, applying pesticides and herbicides, washing cars, maintaining roads, or dumping pollutants down storm drains.

Since the source of these pollutants does not come from one point we call this pollution nonpoint source pollution (NPS).This polluted runoff results when precipitation washes pollutants over the surface of the ground or leach them into the ground water. It is pollution that cannot easily be “turned off” by technology.

The key to controlling nonpoint source pollution is prevention: wise use of fertilizer and pesticides, controlling what flows into the gutters and storm drains, not over-watering gardens and fields, disposing of pet waste away from water sources, and other preventive measures. This website is designed to give you simple ways to reduce your amount of nonpoint source pollution.

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