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Join the RFC River Stewards for a fun event combining some of our favorite things: trail running, fly fishing, challenges and beverages!

Don’t be intimidated! This fun, free event levels the playing field for runners and anglers alike. The event includes a brief run just over a mile, then a mandatory period of fishing on the Roaring Fork River, combined with some friendly casting challenges. Great prizes and beverages for everyone will be provided at the end.




  • Event will take place at Wilton Jaffee Park, beginning at the picnic table on the south end of the park.
  • Participants must be present by 6:00. Race will begin at 6:15. Racers must be back at the finish line by 7:15. Racer’s time will begin with all rods disassembled and leaning against the fence.
  • Racer’s time will end when the reach the turnaround sign along the river trail (approximately 1 mile). River Stewards Staff will write the participant’s time on their bib.
  • Racers will then have the remainder of the hour to catch as many fish as possible and cast to two hula-hoop target stations within the river.
  • Target stations will be staffed by River Stewards. Participants will cast 3x at each target. Each successful cast within the hula-hoop will result in a 1:00 minute deduction in the racer’s overall time.
  • Each successful fish caught will result in a 10:00 minute deduction in the racer’s overall time. Racers to take a photo of each fish caught (selfie if possible).
  • After everyone has returned to Jaffee Park at 7:15, each racer will cast 3x to the National Fishing in Schools Program CasTarget using the RFC supplied rod and Velcro fly, while being heckled by the remaining participants. Any cast that sticks to a trout on the target will result in a 1:00 minute deduction in overall time. No other species will result in a time deduction.
  • The 5 shortest overall times (after any deductions from fish, hoops or CasTargets) will compete to assemble a 3 fly dropper rig that is capable of supporting the weight of a beverage 6 pack. First, second and third prizes will determined by the first 3 competitors to successfully complete the task.

All participants are strongly encouraged to preregister here: 

All participants are REQUIRED to obtain a Colorado Fishing License prior to the event. Licenses may be purchased at

For questions or further information, please contact or post to our Facebook page, Roaring Fork Conservancy-River Stewards.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018
6:00 - 8:30pm
Wilton Jaffee Park, 100 McClain Flats Road, Aspen

COST:  FREE but a FISHING LICENSE is REQUIRED (must have in your possession during the event).



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Independence Run & Hike

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